Bears from Gyumri zoo to be moved to Romania in a month





The bears from Gyumri zoo will be moved to Romania in a month. The story of starving bears and lions went viral after the Daily Mail published an article titled “Inside the world’s saddest zoo.”

Animal rights organizations have applied to a number of strictures, but have not received any support. After the Yerevan Zoo’s refusal to take care of the animals, a Romanian organization has expressed willingness to ensure favorable conditions for them.

Environmentalists Silva Adamyan, member of the “Save the animals of Gyumri Zoo” initiative, told reporters today “the owner of the zoo is ex-Mayor Vardan Ghukasyan’s brother, who is unable to care for the animals today.”

A task group has been established at the Ministry of Environmental Protection to take urgent steps to solve the issue. a number of international organizations are also involved in the case.

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