Syrian army captures strategic town of Salma in Lattakia

The Syrian Army announced minutes ago that it has won full control over the strategic town of Salma Northeast of Lattakia province in yet another landmark victory over the foreign-backed terrorists, Fars News Agency reports.

“The Syrian pro-government forces have taken control of Salma,” the army announced Tuesday afternoon.

The Syrian fighter jets and the country’s artillery units stormed heavily the militant groups’ positions in different sides of Salma for several hours in the morning.

Then the Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) pushed back the militant groups from the Southern countryside of Salma and advanced towards the town from two directions in the morning.

Then the army announced at around midday that “Salma’s Southern countryside is now under the full control of the Syrian government forces”.

It added that the army and popular forces were advancing against the militants from the Southern and Eastern sides of Salma town.

“The Syrian army’s commandoes have entered Salma and have engaged in heavy clashes with the militants in the town,” the army said at noon.

In the meantime, the pro-government forces took full control over the famous Fort of Kafr Dulbeh in Tal al-Khazan and Tal al-Harmiyah in the Northern part of Salma and inflicted heavy losses on the militant groups in the mountainous battlefields.

The government forces then advanced rapidly in different sides of the town, mainly in the South and the East. The engineering units of the army defused bombs, mines and other explosive devices planted by the militants across the entrances of the town.

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