Vague perspectives of solving Syrian crisis fade away with raising tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia





The dim perspectives of solving the Syrian crisis fade away with the escalation of tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran, expert of Iranian studies Arax Pashayan told reporters today. According to her, the current tension is just one stage of a long-standing confrontation.

Tensions were high in 1979 after the Iranian Revolution and further soared as a result of the “Arab spring.” The expert said the Syrian crisis is the direct reflection of those relations.” While Iran backs Bashar Assad, Saudi Arabia tries its best to see the Syrian President ousted. Of course, this is one of the reasons of the conflict, but’s what’s important today is to see how far the aggravation will go.

Arax Pashayan says the tension in Iran-Saudi Arabia relations put an end to the vague hopes of overcoming the Syrian crisis. This further complicates the situation in the Middle East, creating problems for the South Caucasus, including Armenia, as well.

Many analysts believe Christians will not live in the Middle East long; therefore, the future existence of the Armenian community in those countries is a big question.

According to Arax Pashayan, for our compatriets, who have been comfortably living in Syria for decades, Armenia is a difficult country with its current socio-economic and moral-psychological conditions. “That’s why many see it as a temporary shelter before leaving for other countries,” she said.

The expert believes Armenia will only benefit if Syrian Armenians stay in the country, ans should do its utmost to keep them here.

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