Kate Winslet wins Golden Globe for her role as Steve Jobs’ Polish Armenian marketing manager

Photo: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times


Kate Winslet received a Golden Globe Award for her role in “Steve Jobs.”

In Danny Boyle’s “Steve Jobs,” Kate Winslet took everything in stride as Joanna Hoffman, Steve Jobs’ Polish Armenian marketing matriarch at Apple.

She navigated product launches, technological innovation and Jobs’ erratic personality with a cool head. But in real life, backstage at the Golden Globes after accepting her award for supporting actress on Sunday, the British actress was far more emotional.

“I really am so shocked right now, so shocked,” she said. “I never expected it, never, ever. Standing here I keep thinking this is not happening; I honestly, truthfully did not expect this at all – and I am so thrilled,” according to Los Angeles Times.

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