RA National Assembly President’s Congratulatory Address on New Year

Dear compatriots,

We wrote and now close together one more page of our history with the resoluteness of passing to the next one, convinced that it will be better and more successful.

The passing year was a year of ordeal both for the whole world and the Republic of Armenia, a year of political and economic trial , ordea l for peace and spirit. We confronted with dignity those trials, accepting the difficulties as an impetus forself- encourag ement , more solidarity and further activ ity . Unfortunately, we also confronted at the price of the li ves of the soldiers defending our peace and ensuring our security. They obligate those who live to be more tolerant and well-disposed towards each other, more caring and tender-hearted towards the Motherland, and strengthen all that with new achievements and victories.

In 2015 , on the occasion of the Armenian Genocide Centennial we once again documented that keeping in memory the tear and pain, we have sought and reached, we reach and we’ll reach theresult which will give us victory and tears for those, who try to cause pain and wound to us.

Dear compatriots,

The year 2016 sees the 25th anniversary of our statehood. The Armenian Parliament stands at the sources of that process. And in the passing year the parliament, in the name of the National Assembly, became the decisive participant in one more key process in the life of the state – the Constitutional A mendments. Armenia turns into the parliamentary system of government.

The year of 2016 is a pre-electoral year. The period preceding the elections supposes more active dialogue between the politicians and voters. It is extremely important and necessary that it be useful and effective for the state and society.

Stepping into a space of the next year, we should not forget that we achieved the independence at high price, and today our duty is to actively continue building a developed state with international greater weight, where the people will live and work better both today and tomorrow. That is the best tribute to those, who built the independence, who died for it.

Dear compatriots,

On the threshold of New Year let us share our kind thoughts and wishes not only with our families, close relatives, but also with the people, who due to different circumstances are deprived of home and family warmth, who at this moment ensure our security and peace, who keep high the authority of our state abroad as peacekeepers, with our compatriots, who live or temporarily stay in foreign countries.

Let the good mood of New Year be with you during the whole year, and let there always be warmth, love and solidarity in your homes.

Happy New Year and Holy Nativity!

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