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Speaking about Armenian Genocide, we speak about security of Armenia and Artsakh

2lusinevasilyan015 was a hard and responsible year for the Armenian Genocide Museum Institute (AGMI), the Museum’s Director Hayk Demoyan told reporters today. He spoke about the results of the work in the passing year. He said the work was a result of coordinated pan-Armenian efforts, which served as a basis for the decision to extend the term of functioning of the Centennial Commission, but in a new format.

“It’s important to ensure that what happened in 2015 does not fade away, because when speaking about the Armenian Genocide, we speak about the security of Armenia and Karabakh, about the future rather than the past,” Demoyan said.

Demoyan said “we did more than we envisaged.” “Those who didn’t know about the Armenian genocide learnt about it and understood why it’s important to speak about the fact,” he said.

Demoyan said a new exhibit was launched at the Museum-Institute in 2015, a number of temporary exhibitions were organized in more than 50 cities of the world.

AGMI Deputy Director Suren Manukyan said the year showed that the Museum is the best place for research on the Armenian Genocide, as it has the largest and best archive.

In 2013 the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute established the Raphael Lemkin scholarship meant for foreign researchers. In 2014 AGMI was included in the Forbes list of ‘must see memorials.’

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