Serzh Sargsyan: A shot against Armenia is a shot against CSTO

“Every time Azerbaijani Armed Forces use automatic guns, mortars and artillery equipment against the Republic of Armenia, they shoot in the direction of Astana, Dushanbe and Bishkek, Moscow and Minsk,” Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan said, addressing the CSTO Collective Security Council.

“Remind that we have a corresponding paragraph in our Charter. If we not only fail to apply that article, to discuss the current situation, if we don’t consider it proper to pick up the phone and call to know what’s happening in allied Armenia, at the same time voting against each other’s interests within the framework of international organizations and adopting bilateral statements with third countries with their texts contradicting the interests of a CSTO partner, we put under fire the whole Organization, its reputation and capacity,” President Sargsyan stated.

“Azerbaijan’s policy is targeted at the aggravation of the conflict. Unfortunately, the situation has not only failed to stabilize, but has even worsened. The Azerbaijani side does not suffice with the use of heavy artillery, including ones of Turkish production. On December 8 they fired from a tank for the first time since the establishment of the ceasefire regime in 1994, and this raises the tension to a new and very dangerous level,” the President added.

Taking into consideration the recent tense atmosphere in the region, we should not rule out that Azerbaijan has been guided or supported by outer forces, the Armenian President concluded.

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