Georgia denies entry to Armenian expert of monuments





Expert of monuments Samvel Karapetyan has been blacklisted by Georgia. He was denied entry to the country at the Sadakhlu checkpoint on October 18.

Speaking to reporters today, Karapetyan said he has never violated any laws in Georgia and is confident that he has been added to the “black list” because of the works dedicated to the destroyed or severely damaged Armenian monuments in Georgia.

The expert presented the works born as a result of his 20-yer-long activity. Among them is the book titled “The Georgian state policy and the Armenian cultural monuments,” which tells about the Armenian monuments demolished or desecrated as a result of Georgian state policy.

Exactly ten years ago the Azerbaijani authorities destroyed the Armenian cross-stones in Old Jugha, Nakhijevan. According to the expert, Iran is the only neighboring country, where there is no need to struggle for the preservation of Armenian monuments.

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