Argentina’s Fernandez bids emotional farewell

Argentina’s outgoing President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has made an emotional farewell speech to supporters in Buenos Aires, the BBC reports.

She urged people to take to the streets if they feel betrayed by the new centre-right government.

Conservative Mauricio Macri, who won a run-off election last month, is due to be sworn in as president later.

Mr Macri inherits problems including high inflation and a low level of foreign currency reserves.

The new Argentine leader has promised a new era of change and reconciliation.

Addressing tens of thousands of cheering supporters outside the La Casa Rosa presidential palace in Buenos Aires, Ms Fernandez defended her record.

“We believe in what we have achieved so we need to have a positive attitude to ensure that these things will not be destroyed,” she said.

“When you feel that those who you trusted and voted for have betrayed you, take up your flags,” she added.

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