Director of Public Radio of Armenia Armen Amiryan submits resignation

Armen Amiryan, Executive Director of the Public Radio of Armenia, has submitted his resignation. He revealed the news in a Facebook post. In an address to the staff of Public Radio of Armenia, Mr. Amiryan wrote:

“Dear employees of the Public Radio  of Armenia,

We have passed a long way since 1997. We have had a number of achievements, received awards, and earned the warm and thankful appraisal of the audience. We have lived through inspiration and despair.

For over 19 years we have lived like a family, have supported each other at moments of difficulty and have rejoiced together for the achievements of our children, relatives and families.

Dear colleagues, I’ve submitted my resignation and will apply for a vacant position of the member of the Council of Public Television and Radio Company.

I hope our work will not end here, but will continue in a slightly different format.

I’d like to thank everyone at a meeting, but considering that I’m too emotional, let me write all I have not managed to tell you.

Thank you for investing all your high professional qualities and skills in the programs of the Public Radio of Armenia.

Thank you for your kindness and appreciation, for your honest, unbiased and devoted attitude towards the listeners.

I’m confident you’ll continue to provide unbiased information to the listeners of the Public Radio, will open the doors of the rich cultural treasury, will guide the younger generation on the path of realization of their goals and wishes, will continue to seed kindness, beauty and patriotism in the hearts and souls of our people.

Thank you,
Always yours,
Armen Amiryan”

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