Moscow, Ankara halt negotiations over Turkish Stream

Photo: Sputnik/Alexey Kudenko


Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that all negotiations over the Turkish Stream pipeline have been suspended, Sputnik News reports.

Alexander Novak confirmed that at present all intergovernmental negotiations between the two countries over the Turkish Stream pipeline construction are suspended.

“At present all negotiations [on the Turkish Stream gas pipeline] have been suspended, especially considering the fact that the activity of the intergovernmental commission on trade and economic cooperation were also suspended by the government decree. As the commission’s activity was suspended, the work on the Turkish Stream agreement was suspended as well,” Novak told the press.

Earlier Gazprom chief executive Alexei Miller said Turkey could directly appeal to Russia for negotiations over the proposed Turkish Stream natural gas pipeline —  if the project is a priority for Ankara.

“Turkey must first and foremost contact [Russia] if it is interested in the project. At the moment, Turkey has not come to us with such a proposal,” Miller told reporters.

He added that Moscow would consider a request if one is offered by Ankara.

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