CSTO Foreign Ministers meet in Belgrade

On December 3, the Foreign Ministers’ meeting of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) member states was held in Belgrade under the chairmanship of Edward Nalbandian, Foreign Minister of Armenia, the Chairman of the CSTO Council of Foreign Ministers.

The ministers discussed the process of implementation of decisions made at the session of the Collective Security Council on September 2015, as well as issues of coordination of foreign policy of the CSTO member states.

The members of the CSTO Foreign Ministers’ Council discussed issues on the agenda of the 22nd Ministerial Council of the OSCE member states.

The participants exchanged views on the issues impacting the global and regional security, the fight against terrorism.

The current situation, which resulted after the shooting down by the Turkish armed forces of the Russian SU-24 plane, which was carrying out an anti-terrorist military operation in Syria, was touched upon. In that context Minister Nalbandian noted that the shooting down of the plane is a serious blow to the consolidation of the efforts of international community in its fight against terrorism and to the political settlement in Syria.

The CSTO Foreign Ministers approved the agenda of the Collective Security Council, which will be held in Moscow in December, as well as exchanged views on the activities of the CSTO statutory bodies.

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