Armenia committed to working with partners to establish peace in Afghanistan

Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian offered a speech at the Resolute Support Mission Ministerial Meeting:

Mr. Secretary General,
Distinguished Colleagues,

In almost a year since the launch of the Resolute Support Mission the situation still remains fragile, challenges persist and capability gaps remain to be filled. Afghan people continue to need our support.

Mr. Chairman,

The continued international support for the stability of Afghanistan is important for many reasons, first of all for its own people. We believe it also stands as a pivotal test for the international capability in adequately facing the challenges and generating solutions for the situations which have a global significance. Therefore, the realization of our mission will send a strong worldwide signal about the joint resolve and ability in taking commitments and addressing even the most daunting tasks. The defiance with which the security has been threatened not just in Afghanistan but in many other places, including those which we would hardly have imagined before, clearly demonstrates that our mission is not just limited to a particular geographic place or a situation but it is about a global challenge which requires a coherent response.

It is with this understanding that more than a decade ago Armenia embarked on the participation of peacekeeping missions starting from Kosovo and then expanding to such past and present missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Mali. The United Nations Assistant Secretary General for Peacekeeping Operations recently stated that “Armenia’s support is important not only for its contribution but also for the Armenian history and the challenges overcome during it”. Indeed, history teaches us that the security of one is intrinsically connected to others. And even the current tension on our borders has never diminished our resolve to contribute to the advancement of the peace in the world.

Mr. Chairman,

Armenian contingent will continue its international commitment within the Resolute Support Mission throughout 2016 on its current strength level. We are ready to stay with future mission Enduring Partnership when it will take over from Resolute Support Mission.

We will also continue to encourage internal inclusive peace process in Afghanistan, promotion of good-neighborly relations, as well as regional cooperation.

Mr. Chairman,

We have no doubts that eventually we will together prevail in establishing peace and stability in Afghanistan to the benefit of Afghan people, the region and beyond.

Thank you.

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