Terrorists acknowledge defeat in Aleppo

The Takfiri terrorist groups acknowledged on their social media pages the death of a number of their members, including senior commanders, in Syrian military operations in Aleppo province, admitting that they retreated from vast areas on Monday, Fars News Agency reports.

The so-called “storming leader of special forces in Bab Amre battalion”, Ali al-Daloub al-Fa’ouri, and the senior commander of al-Sham Legion, al-Zaher Baibars al- Salmouni, have been identified among the dead, the terrorist groups said.

The terrorist groups also said Amer al-Omar from the so-called Jaish al-Sunna and Jumaa al-Omar of the so-called Islamic Union of Ajnad al-Sham have been killed in the Monday clashes.

The terrorists confirmed that they had to retreat from their positions following heavy airstrikes and massive ground operations by the Syrian army and popular forces.

Reports from Northern Aleppo province said on Monday that militant groups have sustained heavy casualties in the joint offensive of the Syrian Army and popular forces on their concentration centers.

The militants’ gathering centers and defense lines in Bashkoy and Hraytan came under attack by the pro-government forces, whose operations in the Northern part of the country pinned down the terrorist groups in their vulnerable positions.

Battlefield reports said the pro-government troops have seized a large number of weapons and military equipment in the attack.

The Syrian army and its allies have gained the upper-hand in different parts of Aleppo city and province in the last two months. Reports said earlier today that the Syrian army repelled the militant groups’ offensive on their military checkpoint Southeast of Aleppo province, and killed or wounded at least 50 of them in their counter-assault.

The Syrian Army’s military checkpoint near al-Aziziyah came under attack of the militant groups, who failed to infiltrate into the government defense lines and fled the battlefront after leaving scores of dead or wounded members as a result of the Syrian forces’ counter-assault.

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