Hakob Chakryan: Developments in Syria provide ground for optimism





The terrorist acts in Paris showed that there is no security anywhere in the world, not even Europe, expert of Turkish studies Hakob Chakryan told reporters today.

Chakryan said “the evil of terrorism has become a global threat since September 11, which is a consequence of the incorrect policy of the United States.”

Turkey, along with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, supported the jihadists of the Islamic State from the very beginning, the expert said, adding that “Ankara is playing a ‘double game’ today.”

“Turkey pretends to be fighting against IS, while continuing to support the terrorist group, providing weapons,” he said.

To what extent is Turkey-backed ISIS dangerous to Armenia? Hakob Chakryan believes “Ankara will not engage in confrontation with Moscow.”

Besides, he said, the developments in Syria provide ground for optimism. “The Syrian authorities have regained control over Lattakia, the ISIS links to its stronghold in Raqqa will soon be cut and Aleppo will be completely cleared of terrorists.”

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