Amal Clooney to replace £450k engagement ring because it’s too bling for human rights work

Amal Clooney has reportedly taken off her dazzling £450,000 engagement ring…in favour of something more low key, the Daily Mail reports.

The human rights lawyer, 37, who married George Clooney in September last year, is said to be seeking a simple platinum band instead, after fearing that the hugely expensive sparkler was too ostentatious for her work as a human rights lawyer.

The Lebanese-British lawyer regularly jets around the world for high-profile cases and, according to reports, felt that the ring might detract from the seriousness of her work.

In recent years, she has represented controversial Ukraine leader Yulia Tymoshenko, worked with the Greek government to try and secure the re-patriation of the Elgin marbles and earlier this year was part of the legal team that defended Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed.

Amal Clooney recently represented Armenia at teh European Court of Human Rights in an Armenian Genocide denial case.

A source told the Mirror: ‘Amal has told friends she wants a more understated engagement ring specifically for when she’s working on serious cases.

‘People constantly stop her and admire it for a closer look. It is a massive rock and there is no hiding it.

‘She absolutely loves the ring and won’t be getting rid of it but she just wants something simpler for her big cases.’

Amal has sported the huge rock since soon after actor husband George, 54, first proposed in April 2014.

After the couple were wed in a star-studded ceremony in Venice, both wore wedding bands with Mrs Clooney favouring a diamond-encrusted band.

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