The US considers all spheres of investment in Armenia





The US encourages Americans to consider all spheres of investment in Armenia, US Ambassador to Armenia Richard Mills told reporters in Yerevan on the sidelines of the US–Armenia Joint Economic Task Force meeting.

The Ambassador said the IT filed is of particular interest for Americans. He said the US also supports agriculture, considering it the locomotive of economic growth.

“Armenia’s tourism sector is also in our spotlight. We’ll be launching a new tourism project tomorrow, aimed at boosting the development of tourism outside capital Yerevan,” Mr. Mills noted.

“The US has provided over $2 billion to Armenia since 1992. We believe this assistance has helped Armenia become a more prosperous country,” said Bridget A. Brink, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Bureau of European & Eurasian Affairs.

“The United States is proud to help Armenia in its efforts,” she said.

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of State reminded about the visa facilitation for Armenian citizens and hailed the deal on Vorotan cascade. She said they would work jointly with the Armenian Government to have more investments in Armenia.

Armenia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Integration and Reforms Vache Gabrielyan said “Armenia appreciates the friendly relations and cooperation with the United States and will do its best to expand mutual trade and investment opportunities.”

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