Syrian forces win back two more villages in Lattakia

The Syrian Army and National Defense Forces (NDF), backed up by the Russian warplanes, regained two strategic villages in the Northeastern part of Lattakia province on Monday after inflicting heavy death toll on the militant groups, Fars News Agency reports.

The militant position near the villages of al-Dughmishlyia and Beit Ayyash were heavily bombed by the Russian fighter jets and choppers since this morning, which pave the groups for the army and NDF to push back the terrorists and regain control over the villages.

A large number of the militants were killed or wounded in the fighting areas and the terrorist groups retreat the remaining of their forces to evade more casualties.

Sources said earlier today that the Syrian Army and popular forces continued to push back the terrorist groups from the Northern parts of Lattakia and entered the strategic village of Deir Hanna.

The pro-government forces, after fierce clashes with the militant groups and breaking through their defense lines this morning, entered Deir Hanna.

The militant groups reportedly suffered heavy death toll in the Syrian forces’ operation and retreated the remaining of forces from the battlefront.

In the meantime, a wide-scale assault of the Takfiri terrorists on the government forces’ positions near Ghamam town in Lattakia province was repelled by the Syrian soldiers, in which tens of the militants were killed or wounded.

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