Syrian Army moving to win control of another strategic airbase

The Syrian army launched operations to win back control over a second airbase after its groundbreaking victory in the battle against ISIL in Aleppo that ended up with the removal of a 2.5-year-long siege of the Kuweires airbase on Tuesday, with military sources announcing on Wednesday that the second target is Marj al-Sultan Airbase in Damascus, Fars News Agency reports.

Military sources said the Syrian army and National Defense Forces (NDF) have already won control over the village of Nawleh near the strategic Marj al-Sultan Airbase, and killed a large number of Jeish al-Islam and al-Nusra Front Takfiri terrorists.

“The pro-government forces are now in control of 80% of the territories South the strategic airport,” the source told FNA on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the Syrian army continued to advance against the Takfiri terrorists in Eastern Ghouta and retook strategic areas from the foreign-backed militants.

The Syrian troops took full control over al-Mahalej area, to the South of Marj al-Sulatn, and the farms surrounding it, a military source said.

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