Moscow-Yerevan bus crash: 7 killed, many injured

A commercial bus en route from Moscow to Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, capsized in the small hours of Tuesday 221 km south of Moscow, TASS reports.

The accident took away the lives of seven people and left another 35 passengers injured, the press service of the Tula regional main department of the Interior said.

All the injured passengers have been admitted to district hospitals in the towns of Uzlovaya and Kireyevsk in the Tula region.

The accident occurred at the 221st kilometer of the M4 Don federal road at around 02:40 Moscow Standard Time on Tuesday. The bus was carrying 59 passengers aboard, Andrey Yartsev, a duty spokesman for Tula regional Interior Department told TASS.

“The bus was moving the in southward direction,” he said. “For the reason that’s yet to be established it began to waggle from one guardrail to another over a distance of about 200 meters and eventually tumbled on the right board.”

The regional division of the Ministry for Emergency Situations and Civil Defense dispatched a group of operatives to clear out and coordinate the situation.

Andrey Yartsev did not rule out, however, that the number of the injured might grow eventually.

The driver was not injured but was in a state of shock and unable to give any explanations for or details of the accident.

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