Normalization of relations with Armenia not on Turkey’s political radar: Expert

Artak Barseghyan
Public Radio of Armenia

“The developments in Syria and Iran do not directly affect the prospects of Armenia-Turkey normalization. But there may be some indirect connections,” Nigar Göksel, the Turkey and Cyprus Analyst for International Crisis Group’s Turkey/Cyprus Project, said in an on-line interview with Armenian journalists.

“One effect of the conflict in Syria is that Turkey is significantly distracted by the turmoil in its southern neighborhood and has less attention to spare for the Caucasus. For Ankara to embark on an ambitious initiative regarding normalization with Armenia becomes accordingly less likely. The war in Syria drains Turkey’s strategic and political attention, and leaves less for any initiatives related to the Caucasus. Developments in Syria also dominate the discussions between Turkey and the West, pushing Armenia-related agenda items down in the list of importance,” she said.

“European capitals are engaged with Ankara primarily on the IS-threat and migration issue. Armenia-Turkey relations do not make it to the radar,” Nigar Göksel added.

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