Bundestag won’t discuss the Armenian Genocide Resolution this year: Zhirayr Кocharian





The German Bundestag will not discuss the Armenian Genocide resolution this year, Professor Zhirayr Кocharian of the Berlin Open University told reporters in Yerevan.

“The Armenian community was pleasantly surprised by the unprecedented number of publications and discussions in Germany about the Armenian Genocide this spring.  We were nearly confident that the Bandstand would soon adopt a resolution recognizing and condemning the Armenian Genocide,” he said.

Zhirayr Кocharian has his own explanation for the active discussions in Germany. “The first reason was the powerful statement by the Pope, whose opinion is extremely important for the Catholic World. The second reason was the conflict between the Greens and Lefts with the government. Besides, there was a desire to punish Erdogan.”

Zhirayr Кocharian considers that Germany is unlikely to strike a blow to Turkey, at least in the near future. “However, the civil society in Germany is matured, and the country may recognize the Armenian Genocide under public pressure.” He believes that if Turkey once recognizes the Armenian Genocide, it will also happen under public pressure, as it was the case with the Holocaust.

Zhirayr Кocharian says it’s unserious to think that Germany accepted its guilt because it was too civilized. “Germany did it under the pressure of the international community, otherwise it would demonstrate the same civilized and moral approach towards the Armenian Genocide.”

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