Turkish author Pinar Selek’s book translated into Armenian





Turkish author Pinar Selek’s book titled “Because they are Armenian” has been published in Armenian. The book reflects the author’s stance on the Armenian Genocide and the approaches of the Turkish public.

The French translation of the book was released in Strasburg in February.

“In the book I have written what it means to be Armenian in Turkey,” she told a press conference in Yerevan today.

In 1998 Pinar Selek was prosecuted in connection with an explosion that occurred at the Spice Bazaar, but was acquitted by the Istanbul High Criminal Court of Istanbul 16 years later. She had to move to France because of persecutions in Turkey.

The author said she faced the 1915 massacre of Armenians too late. “There can be nothing more precious than the struggle for truth,” Selek said.

When writing the book she was inspired by her late friends, who lived in Turkey. “They can’t speak today, and I’m speaking for them.”

“I have problems with justice, and I’m struggling for my own justice. That’s why I know how important every testimony is for achieving justice,” the author said.

“Believe, I’m not alone. I’m a representative of a whole generation, which questions many truths we have been taught in Turkey,” Selek added.

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