New intelligence reports reveal Gülenist cover-up in Dink murder

New details have emerged in investigation into the murder of Armenian-Turkish journalist Hrant Dink that shows officials linked to the shady Gülen Movement hid intelligence on the murder and covered up their tracks, Daily Sabah reports. 

Intelligence reports hidden from investigators inquiring into the murder of prominent Armenian-Turkish journalist Hrant Dink disclosed a plot to cover up Gülenist involvement in the killing.

Prosecutors investigating the murder found that police chiefs and intelligence officers linked to the Gülen Movement, members of which now face terror charges, deliberately ignored intelligence reports concerning the 2007 murder. Findings show the Gülen Movement, which has been accused of attempting to overthrow the government, aimed to wrongly place the blame on a “a gang” for the murder. The gang in question was Ergenekon, which has seen dozens of military officers, journalists and dignitaries imprisoned in what they termed a Gülenist plot.

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