Russia’s activeness in Syria to change the situation in the South Caucasus: Political scientist





Political scientist Hrant Melik-Shahnazaryan believes Russia’s activity in Syria will change the situation in the South Caucasus, as well, since Moscow, which seeks security in Syria, will pay greater attention to developments in the South Caucasus.

“It will apply all means and efforts to ensure predictability of the situation here,” the analyst said.

As for the West’s resistance to Russia’s activites, he said it’s natural. “It’s obvious that the United States and the European Union have no clear solutions for their activity at this point. They are not coming forth with new initiatives and are just reacting to Russia’s actions,” the political scientist noted.

At the same time he said the EU is trying to intensify its regional policy, reviewing the mistakes made within the framework of the Eastern Partnership and trying to demonstrate individual attitude towards the Partnership countries. As a result we have the decision to renew talks with Armenia. Hrant Melik Shahnazaryan expects interesting developments in this regard.

The political scientist, however, does not anticipate positive moves in Armenia-Turkey ties. As for the reports on the violation of the Armenian air space by Turkish helicopters, he considers that Armenia’s reaction was to be harsher, even if it was accidental. “It was necessary to raise a diplomatic scandal and bring the issue to different international structures.”

According to him, the utmost should be done to prevent the activeness of Turkey in the South Caucasus.

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