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Turkish author’s play to be staged in Armenia





“Vladimir Kocharyan” theatre group from New York will stage “You Rejoice my Heart” drama in Armenia from October 14 to 17. The play is based on German-Turkish writer Kemal Yalcin’s book. On this occasion the writer has arrived in Armenia.

After earning degrees in education and philosophy, Mr. Yalcin went on to become a journalist and was the editor of the Halkin Yolu (The way of the people) newspaper in Turkey until he was forced to flee to Germany in 1981 for political reasons.

Speaking to reporters in Yerevan Mr. Yalcin said he had never heard about the Armenian Cause during the years of his study in Turkey. It was only in 1990 that he learnt about the Armenian history from an Armenian teacher in Germany.

The writer has already published 5,000 pages about the Armenian-Turkish issue. “This is a drop in the sea of sufferings of the Armenian people. The pain of Armenians is mine. This is the reason why I called my book “You Rejoice my Heart.”

The book was translated into Western Armenian by Archbishop Garegin Bekchyan, leader of the German Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church and was later translated into Eastern Armenian by Larisa Gevorgyan.

Kemal Yalcin said it’s an honor to see his play staged in Armenia. “I’m looking forward to reactions,” he said.

The play is expected to be taken to Turkey in 2016. The writer has one wish – to contribute to the establishment of friendship between the Armenian and Turkish peoples.

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