Conan O’Brien shooting an episode of his late-night show in Armenia

TBS’s late-night show host Conan O’Brien is taking his show to Armenia, according to the Holywood Reporter.

The Conan star will be the first American late-night host to ever do a show from the country. O’Brien’s longtime Armenian assistant, Sona Movsesian, will join him when they shoot the installment of his TBS show, which will air at 11 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 10.

The trip will mark the first time in Aremia for both O’Brien and Movsesian. “I think it’s every boss’s responsibility to take their assistant back to their ancestral land,” said O’Brien. “That’s why I’m going to make sure my next assistant was born in a five-star resort in Tuscany.”

In addition to doing shows in New York, Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta, the host most recently filmed Conan from Comic Con in San Diego. In the spring, he made headlines as the first American late-night host to shoot in Cuba in more than 50 years.

O’Brien is planning to continue to do shows from various locations around the globe, with specific details being released over the next few months.

Conan airs Monday through Thursday at 11 p.m.

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