No need to deploy peacekeepers in Karabakh: Chief of General Staff





There is no need in deploying peacekeepers in the Karabakh conflict zone, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia, Colonel General Yuri Khachaturov said at the opening of the “Enduring Brotherhood 2015” exercises in Armenia.

“We are able to deter Azeri provocations ourselves,” Khachaturov said. According to him, the Azerbaijani side has used thousands of missiles and mines over the past 15 days, which have exploded in Armenian civilian settlements 10 km away from the frontline.

“We have given a worthy response. They have serious losses,” Khachaturov said, adding that “unlike Azerbaijan, the Armenian side refrains from shelling the villages.”

He noted that representatives of the Ministry of Defense visit the frontline, meet the villagers and inform about the measures taken.

“However, it’s impossible to fully exclude the incidents, as the rival uses mortars and howitzers,” Yuri Khachaturov said.

The Chief of General Staff underlined that on many occasions the Armenian side has offered Azerbaijan to pull back the snipers, investigate every case of killing of civilians, but Baku turns down all suggestions.

As for the lack of appropriate response from the CSTO command, the Colonel General said it would be welcome. “We are part of the same security system. We do not ask for help, but human support would be welcome,” Khachaturov said.

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