Armenia participates in Gothenburg Intenational Book Fair

The Gothenburg Intenational Book Fair, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors, kicked-off on September 24.

Armenia was presented at the fair for the first time with a separate pavilion dedicated to the Armenian Genocide Centennial. The latest publications about Armenia were showcased with a separate section of books on Genocide in Armenian, Swedish, English, Turkish and other languages.

On September 25, the Armenian exhibitors held a seminar titled “The Armenian Genocide of 1915: Contemporary Perspectives and Analysis”. The speakers of the seminar were the Professor of History of the Lund University, author of the book “Those Innocent Today May Be Guilty Tomorrow” Klas-Göran Karlsson, Professor of International Law Ove Bring and the author of “Genocide of Armenians through Swedish Eyes” Göran Gunner.

On September 24, the «Artos & Norma» publishing house arranged a workshop titled “Genocide and Denial” with a presentation of the book “I cannot: Alma and the Armenians” by Swedish writer and journalist Janne Carlson and the monography “Cultures of Denial. Compering Holocaust and Armenian Genocide Denial” by the PhD student of Lund University Maria Karlsson based on her academic research.

Janne Carlson will have a separate seminar on September 26 under the title “The Witness of Genocide”, and one of Sweden’s leading daily newspapers, the Svenska Dagbladet will also hold a seminar-discussion at its pavilion with participation of its cultural editor Anders Q Björkman, Professor of Lund University Svante Lundgren and journalist of the Sydsvenskan newspaper Rakel Chukri.

The Gothenburg International Book Fair will be open until September 27.

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