President Sargsyan attends opening of Dilijan Central School

President Serzh Sargsyan attended today the opening ceremony of Dilijan Central School which is another major contribution to the community development in Dilijan.

The school opening was conducted by Father Mesrop Aramyan, Cofounder of the Ayb Educational Foundation and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Ayb Learning Hub Foundation, and by the Chairman of the Central Bank of Armenia (CBA), Arthur Javadyan.

The president toured the newly-opened educational institution, familiarized himself with the conditions, educational programs and the teaching methodology aimed at the comprehensive development of children.

Dilijan Central School was established in 2013 by the Ayb Educational Foundation in cooperation with the CBA. It is a general education school designed for up to 160 pupils of 1-9th classes.

The entry of Dilijan Central School into the RA education system has created an urban model of school available not only to CBA employers, but also to other children of families living in Dilijan.

According to the executives, with its ideology and vision, school curriculum, teaching methodology and approaches, and with its teacher and pupil admission policy, the school is totally synchronized with Yerevan’s Ayb elementary and middle schools. The Ayb educational foundation is also in charge of the school management and the introduction of educational content corresponding to Ayb’s standards.

The construction of the school and its operation is entirely financed by the CBA.
The territory of Dilijan Central School also houses a fab lab, an industrial research lab, which has been established in cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The lab will serve school pupils, as well as pupils, students and creative people from Dilijan and nearby cities.

During the tour, President Serzh Sargsyan was informed that presently more than 80% of 119 pupils studying at school and 24% of the school employees are from Dilijan, 22% of the employees has moved from Yerevan to Dilijan with their families, 13% of the employees are from Armenia’s other marzes, and the remained employees combine their jobs in Yerevan and Dilijan.

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