France hopes Armenia, Azerbaijan will spare no effort to ease tension

France hopes that Azerbaijan and Armenia will spare no effort to ease tension on the contact line of Azerbaijani and Armenian troops, French Ambassador to Azerbaijan Pascal Meunier told APA on Sept.16.

The escalation of tension is leading to the death of both Azerbaijani and Armenian civilians, the ambassador said. “Recently, I have met with civilians in Azerbaijan, and they told me that Azerbaijanis and Armenians have lived in peace for hundreds of years. Many people hope these times will return. It also depends on external factors,” he noted.

The ambassador also commented on the possibility of holding a meeting between Azerbaijani and Armenian foreign ministers. “I read about it. I am aware that the co-chairs are working on arranging a meeting of foreign ministers in New York. The main objective of this is to assist Azerbaijan and Armenia in finding a peaceful solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

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