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Lord Carey: 100 years after Armenian and Assyrian genocide, the same happening in Syria

Britain has a duty to rescue Syria’s Christians, Lord George Carey, a former archbishop of Canterbury, writes in an article published by The Telegraph.

“The dramatic and disturbing developments of the past few days have introduced a new, heart-rending dimension to this refugee crisis. Undoubtedly, the most disturbing aspect is just how impotent Europe is proving itself to be. If the EU is not resilient in the face of this disaster, it could be torn apart,” the article reads.

According to the author, “Syria’s Christians are the most vulnerable and repeatedly targeted victims of this conflict.” “Indeed, a hundred years after the Armenian and Assyrian genocide, in which over a million Christians are estimated to have been killed by Ottoman Muslims, the same is happening today in the form of an ethnic cleansing of Christians in the region. Christians have been crucified, beheaded, raped, and subjected to forced conversion. The so-called Islamic State and other radical groups are openly glorifying the slaughter of Christians.”

“Britain should make Syrian Christians a priority because they are a particularly vulnerable group. Furthermore, we are a Christian nation with an established Church so Syrian Christians will find no challenge to integration. The churches are already well-prepared and eager to offer support and accommodation to those escaping the conflict,” Lord Carey writes.

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