Aurochs or no Aurochs? The latest finding in Lake Sevan





Fossils recently recovered from the bottom of Lake Sevan may come to refute earlier beliefs that no aurochs or bisons lived in Armenia.

The bone discovered by “AYAS” Nautical Research Club at the intersection of Large and Small Sevans at the depth of 6-7 meters could be part of a backbone of a prehistoric animal.

Specialists say a DNA test is needed to establish the facts. They warn, however, that the test will completely destroy the fossil.

Rafael Mkrtchyan, Head of the Diving Department of “AYAS” Nautical Research Club says they have found a lot of items at the bottom of Lake Sevan over years, but never a bone.

Members of the club conduct the research on their own, but say government support is needed.

To preserve the remains it’s necessary to establish a museum and find funds for future research, they say.

Photos by Anna Martikyan, Public Radio of Armenia

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