Tumo Center for Creative Technologies to be launched in Stepanakert

The Simonian Educational Foundation has partnered with the Armenian General Benevolent Union to open a Tumo Center for Creative Technologies in the capital of the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh on the 2nd of September. AGBU will cover all operational costs of the center as well as startup costs in the framework of the TUMOxAGBU partnership, while the government of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is providing the space in a historic building in the city center. The renovation of the space is made possible by a generous donation by Karabakh Telecom. The Stepanakert program is expected to cater to 500 to 1,000 students who will participate twice a week for two hours per session, gaining 21st century skills, and studying animation, filmmaking, web development and game development, as well as supporting skills such as 3D modeling, computer programming, music, photography and graphic design. Registration will start on the 14th of September, and students will begin their Tumo life during the first week of October. The Tumo Center for Creative Technologies is a free of charge after school program that started in Yerevan and subsequently opened a location in Dilijan. The TUMOxAGBU partnership has already opened a branch in Gyumri and is expected to spread Tumo to other locations in Armenia and beyond.

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