Sterligov to sue Azerbaijan at European Court

Russian millionaire German Sterligov intends to sue Azerbaijan at the European Court of Human Rights, his lawyer Artur Ayrapetov has revealed to Ren TV.

He said the case will be taken to Strasbourg in the near future. “The matter is that German Sterligov was first named persona non grata and denied access to Baku. Then the Azeri authorities launched a criminal case against him,” Ayrapetov said.

The lawyer is confident Sterligov will win. “That’s nonsense from the point of view of international law. They first banned him from entering the country and then opened a criminal case, thus depriving him of the right to defend. Azerbaijan is a member of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and its behavior in the given situation is unacceptable,” the lawyer said. He added that the sum of the compensation would be revealed later.

According to earlier reports, Interpol removed German Sterligov’s name from its wanted list. The Russian businessman was accused by Azerbaijan of launching illegal activity in Nagorno Karabakh.

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