Revealed: Armenian-American academic was the mystery man who tackled rifle from train gunman

Traveller who intervened to disarm gunman youb El-Khazzani is an Armenian-American academic named Mark Moogalian, The Telegraph has revealed. 

According to the report, Mark Moogalian, a 51-year-old professor at the Sorbonne, tackled Ayoub El-Khazzani during Friday’s bloody incident aboard an Amsterdam-Paris international service.

Mr Moogalian, who lives in Paris but is originally from Midlothian, Virginia, US, is the previously unnamed man who came to the aid of “Damien A”, 28, a French banker who confronted El-Khazzani.

The academic acted instinctively to protect his wife Isabella Risacher, who was also aboard the Thalys train.

He tackled the Kalashnikov assault rifle off El-Khazzani, who then drew a sidearm and shot him in the neck before taking back the rifle, his sister has revealed.

Three other US citizens including two military personnel, and Chris Norman, a British businessman then stepped in to disarm and overpower the assailant.

The men, who foiled a suspected terror attack on a train have received France’s top honour from President Francois Hollande, according to BBC. 

Mr Hollande presented Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos, Anthony Sadler and Briton Chris Norman with the Legion d’honneur at the Elysee Palace.

Mark Moogalian and another passenger  will receive the honour at a later date.

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