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Belgian Chamber of Deputies to debate a motion for resolution on Armenian Genocide

During its plenary session today the Chamber of Deputies of Belgium will debate the draft resolution on the centenary of the Armenian Genocide submitted by MPs Peter De Roover, Denis Ducarme, Tim Vandenput, Sarah Claerhout, Peter Luykx Flahaux and Els Van Hoof.

It will also consider the motion on the genocide of Armenians in Turkey in 1915 filed by Filip Dewinter, Barbara Pas and Jan Penris.

The Belgian Chamber of Deputies will discuss the motion submitted by Georges Dallemagne Catherine Fonck, Benoît Lutgen and Olivier Maingain on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Belgium.

Finally, the Chamber will consider a motion filed by Stéphane Crusnière, Özlem Özen, Gwen Philippe and Blanchart Grovonius on the recognition of the Armenian genocide on the occasion of the commemoration of its centennial.

To follow the debate on-line click here. 

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