Proposed constitutonal amendments not final: Edward Sharmazanov

President Serzh Sargsyan is not going to claim either the President’s or the Prime Minister’s post, if a Constitution is adopted, Head of the Government Staff, Minister David Harutyunyan said after the sitting of the Republican Party Board Thursday.

The constitutional reforms are not an utmost objective for the Republican Party, said Edward Sharmazanov, Spokesman for the Republican Party.  “It’s up to the citizens to decide. This is not the most urgent issue on our agenda. We have other problems, including those related to the social sphere and security,” he said.

He added that the proposed changes are initial, and the draft can change as a result of discussions with different political forces in the coming months.

“This is a rather extended document. The initial version is not a dogma. There is need for explanation on some provisions. The final draft will be developed as a result of discussions, all proposals will be taken into consideration,” Sharmazanov stated.

During the Thursday sitting the Republican Party discussed Chapters 4-7 of the constitutional amendments, chapters 1-3 were not considered.

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