Setrak Garabedian: The Canadian Armenian, who dreams of living in Artsakh





Setrak Garabedian, a Canadian Armenian, who runs an on-line Armenian radio station in Montreal, visited Armenia and Artsakh earlier this year. He shared his impressions in a talk with Public Radio of Armenia.

Visiting the Motherland had been a childhood ream, which Setrak Garabedian realized in 2012. But even before that he introduced the foreign audience to the Armenian music and history through his Trik Track radio airing from Montreal.

“We broadcast Armenian music 24 hours a day. I also host a talk show and invite different guests every week. The topics we talk about are different, and are not necessarily related to Armenian issues,” Setrak said.

“Most of the listeners are Armenian, but there are also a number of foreigners fond of Armenian music. For example, one of them is from Chile. He knows the Armenian history better than me. It’s the System Of A Down that has inspired him to listen to Armenian music.”

Setrak Garabedian also referred to the Armenian Genocide and its recognition. He believes every Armenian should visit the Motherland at least once on April 24 to be present at the commemoration ceremony.

Setrak, whose parents come from Western Armenia, dreams about the return of lands. “Turkey should recognize the Genocide and return our lands.”

He spoke with particular inspiration and love about the visit to Artsakh. He admired the land, the nature, the sincere smiles and something intangible, which he found hard to explain.

“Yes, Armenia is really a beautiful country, but there is something missing. To me Artsakh is more impressive.”

Setrak Garabedian seriously thinks about moving to Nagorno Karabakh and is now trying to understand how he can do that. He urges all Diaspora Armenians to visit Artsakh.


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