Karabakh is a marvelous land with wonderful people, Russian tycoon says

Russian billionaire German Sterligov has promised to explain the reasons of his decision to move to Nagorno Karabakh at a press conference Monday.

“I will tell the simple, clear truth, which many may dislike, but it’s better than all the wild guesses about my family and me,” Sterligov told Russian Ren-TV.

He said Nagorno Karabakh is a marvelous land with a wonderful people. “Happy are those Armenians, who have such a Motherlland, such history and beauties.  I have traveled all over the world, but have not seen a place like this – such a beauty, such fertility, and, most importantly, such kind relations between people,” the businessman said.

“I’m happy to have brought my children here, because I told them how people should treat each other theoretically. Unfortunately, there is no such attitude in Russia, practically. Here they see it in practice. This is an extremely useful lesson for them,” Sterligov said.

He invited everyone to visit Nagorno Karabakh to understand what he’s talking about. “This is a unique place. This is a cradle of ancient human relations, which the Armenian nation preserves,”

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