Aram Merangulyan Ensemble of Public Radio of Armenia to participate in Euroradio Folk Festival





The Aram Merangulyan Folk Instruments Ensemble of Public Radio of Armenia will participate in the Euroradio Folk Festival to be held in Krakow, Poland July 8-11, as part of the EtnoKraków Festival.The Festival is organized by Polskie Radio and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

The concert of the Armenian Ensemble will take place at the Church Of St. Catherine at 18:30 on July 9. The Public Radio of Armenia will have an audio streaming of the concert. The Polish Radio reserves the right to stream the video.

People’s Artist Ruben Matevosyan, the vocalist of Aram Merangulyan Ensemble, says he’s particularly happy to represent the Public Radio of Armenia, where he has been working since 1961.

“We’ll participate in the festival with a small, six-member group, but have prepared a wonderful program, which will be appreciated not only by our compatriots, but also all those, who like and value national art, which forms the basis for  culture at large,” Ruben Matevosyan said.

The program features precious pieces from Armenian music from the 18th century to our days. It includes works by Komitas, Sayat-Nova and Sheram. Ruben Matevosyan is confident the group will have a brilliant performance and will reach the hearts of the audience with Armenian music.

The organizers note on the website of the European Broadcasting Union that the Armenian concert is going to be one of the most emotional ones.

More than a mere festival, this event is a platform presenting the incredible diversity of musical genres and sounds of all lifestyles in European folk music. It aims to preserve the unique tradition of local and regional roots, while being open to the latest trends, migrations and encounters. It reflects the lives of Europeans in all their richness: who we are, where we come from, and where we are going.

Since being launched in 1980, the Euroradio Folk Festival has represented an unprecedented opportunity for over 2,000 vocal and instrumental musicians, who represent the multitude of traditions from Europe, but also other continents, to connect with one another. Thanks to the concert exchanges of the Euroradio network, it has also enabled many artists to become known far beyond their borders.

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