Government to use extra-budgetary funds to cover the cost of increased electricity prices: PM





The Government will use extra-budget sums to cover the cost of increased electricity prices from August 1, Armenian Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan told reporters today on the sidelines of the “Economic agenda 2015” forum. He did not go into detail about the financial sources.

There has been and can be no discussion on whether the owner of the Armenian Electric Networks will be changed or not, the Prime Minister told Public Radio of Armenia.

He said the decision to conduct an audit at the Electric Network was rational. “It was a correct decision, and will help to disperse the mistrust in the Public Services Regulatory Commission and the Electric Network of Armenia.”

The Prime Minister said the future steps will be determined after the audit has been conducted. He further added that the agreement on the audit company will be reached by July 10.

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Yevand Zakharyan said, in turn, that concrete discussions on the nationalization of the Electric Networks of Armenia will be held after the audit.

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