Turkish radicals threaten to start “hunt for Armenians” in the streets of Kars

Head of the Kars branch of the “Ülkü ocaklar” (Hearths of Ideal) radical group of the Grey Wolves Tolga Adıgüzel has voiced threats towards Armenians of Kars after jazz pianist Tigran Hamasyan performed a concert at the Ani Ruins, Ermenihaber.am reports, quoting Turkish Radikal daily.

Speaking at a press conference, Adıgüzel threatened Armenians, “who feel so free in Turkey.” He accused Armenians of the ‘events of 1915’ and Khojalu and added: “What should we do now? Should we start a hunt for Armenians in the streets of Kars?”

He also accused all Turkish journalists and officials, who ‘support Armenians launching activity in Turkey.”

He urged Armenians “not to test the patience of Turks.” He added that “Turks, for example, cannot arrive in Armenia and freely organize an event at a sacred site for Armenians.” He threatened to take necessary measures “if such things repeat.”

Within the framework of the Luys i Luso program Tigran Hamasyan performs pieces of Armenian music in 100 churches of Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Lebanon, France, Belgium, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Germany, Luxemburg, the United States and Russia.

The program is a new interpretation of Armenian religious music from the 5th to the 20th centuries, which will be released as a CD in September 2015.

The program includes works by Mesrop Mashtots, Grigor Nakeratsi, Grigor Pahlavuni, Nerses Shnorhali, Mkhitar Ayrivanetsi and Makar Yekmalyan.

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