Ombudsman questions the lawfulness of Police actions

Concerned by the developments in downtown Yerevan on June 22 and the subsequent use of force against journalists and activists, Armenian Human Rights Defender Karen Andreasyan has sent inquiries to the Chief of Police Vladimir Gasparyan, Head of Special Investigation Service Vahram Shahinyan and Minister of Health Armen Muradyan.

Taking into consideration the urgency of the issue, responses are expected within three days.

The investigation of video materials widely disseminated by the mass media has raised concerns about the lawfulness of the actions of Police officers.

In the messages to the Police and the Ombudsman refers to the lawfulness of violence against a number of journalists, the prevention of their professional activity and detainment.

In the letter to the Ministry of Health the Human Rights Defender refers to the failure to provide proper medical aid to the protesters.

The Ombudsman and his staff pledge to use all measures to protect the rights of peaceful protesters and journalists.

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