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All opportunities to study Turkish archives exhausted





“All opportunities to study the Turkish archives in a legal way have been exhausted, while approaching the issue on the academic or amateur level is senseless,” political scientist Edik Hovsepyan told a press conference today.

“If any Armenian scholar declares he can go to the new building of the Turkish national archive and study any document, I will apologize,” he said.

According to Hovsepyan, irrespective of how often Turkey declares about the transparency of its archives and invites the Armenian side to study them, it’s obvious that all opportunities to familiarize with the Turkish archive documents in a legal way have been exhausted.

“After the signing of the Armenian-Turkish protocols, Abkara put its national archive under the control of the National Security Service and moved it to a new building,” the political scientist noted.

“This means all documents related to Armenians are under the control of the Turkish National Security Service,” Hovsepyan said.

He’s assured the Armenian state should seek to find other ways to familiarize with these archives. “What are we going to look for in those archives? Certainly, not an answer to the question of whether there has been genocide or not.”

According to Hovsepyan, the documents will help us ascertain what we have left in Turkey and what we should demand.

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