Businessman of Armenian and Kurdish descent to purchase Spanish football club

A Kurdish businessman, who has previously failed in bids to purchase Liverpool and Vicenza football clubs, is attempting to take control of a Spanish team for the next football season, BasNews reports.

Syrian Kurd Yahya Kurdi has declined to reveal the name of the club saying, “The negotiations continue and we have agreed not to reveal the name of the club until the deal is done.

“My lawyers are working on the legal process now, and if I fail to purchase the club completely, I hope to own a majority share.”

Kurdi looks to models of successful ownership in the English Premier League for inspiration. “Manchester City F.C is a good example and the owner of the club, Mansour bin Zayed, has been successful in developing his club; not only with good players, but also wise management to better the team.”

Explaining his failure to purchase Liverpool F.C, Kurdi said that the club owed over £300 million which caused the negotiations to break down.

Kurdi now lives in Canada. He is the son of a Kurdish Muslim father and an Armenian Christian mother, and played football in various Arab leagues.

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