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Record number of Australian businesses close to mark the centenary of the Armenian Genocide

In response to a Social Media Campaign run by this organisation, Armenia Media Inc., over 100 Sydney businesses that are Armenian-owned CLOSED FOR APRIL 24 to honour the memory of the 1.5 million Armenians who perished during the Armenian Genocide 100 years ago, reported the Armenian National Committee of Australia.

The Armenian Genocide Centenary Commemoration Committee – Australia had prepared signs for these businesses, which would advise passers-by and customers why the business was closed on April 24th, which is not a recognised Public Holiday in Australia.
“The response was unbelievable,” said Armenia Media Managing Editor, Nerses Baliozian. “Dozens of businesses sent us pictures of the signs outside their premises, while many simply advised us they were closed.”
“We have calculated that well over 1,000 Armenian employers and employees took the day off in memory of their fallen ancestors, and this sends a very strong message to the current denialist forces running Turkey,” Baliozian added. “The message is that 100 years is nowhere near the end of our battle for justice.”

Many of those taking the day off were part of the reason there were record attendances at the Protest Against Denial at the Turkish Consulate and the National Armenian Genocide Centenary Commemoration Evening at the Sydney Town Hall.

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