Statue of selfie-taking Ottoman prince erected in Turkey

A bizarre steel statue showing an Ottoman prince taking a selfie with a smart phone while grasping his sword has raised eyebrows in a historic Turkish town – only to be physically attacked hours later, the Hurriyet Daily News reports, quoting Doğan News Agency.
The municipality in the Black Sea province of Amasya erected the unconventional statue on the shore of the town’s Yeşilırmak River on May 9.
In the Ottoman era, Amasya served as one of the cities to which sultans sent their young sons, titled “Shahzade,” to learn how to govern.
Amasya Deputy Mayor Osman Akbaş said the steel statue did not depict any particular “Shahzade.”
“We built it for a purely visual purpose. We thought it would draw attention,” Akbaş said.

The statue indeed drew attention as scores of tourists flocked to the area to take their own selfies with the Ottoman prince, hours after reports of the statue appeared in the media.

However, on May 10 unidentified assailants broke off the cellphone feature on the statue.

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