Iraqi Yezidis hope for Armenia’s support in preventing genocide





The Yezidis in Iraq’s Shangal Province are still being persecuted, enslaved and forced to change religion. President of the “Midia-Shangal” national union of Yezidis Amo Sharoyan says the aim of the Islamic State is to exterminate the Yezidi people from their native land of Shangal. He says “despite the resistance of the Yezidi military brigade, the terrorist organization still keeps 5-6 thousand people, mostly women and girls, in slavery.

Amo Sharoyan has applied to international structures, to foreign diplomatic representations in Armenia, requesting assistance to Iraqi Yezidis. He’s confident, however, that like during the Armenian Genocide, Europe has closed its eyes before justice and has assumed the same policy in the case of Yezidis. His only hope is the Armenian people, the descendants of survivors of the Armenian Genocide.

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