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Armenia became an important platform for international struggle against genocide: Vigen Sargsyan





The issues raised within the framework of the events dedicated to the centennial of the Armenian Genocide have reached the broader international community, Vigen Sargsyan, the Head of Staff of the Presidential Administration, President of the Commission Coordinating the Armenian Genocide Centennial Events, told reporters today, as he summed up the results of the events.

Vigen Sargsyan said all tasks have been fulfilled and added that “reactions were better than expected.” “The events served the main objectives. First of all, they were meant to raise awareness, to present the Armenian Genocide issue in the context of a broader fight against crimes against humanity and mobilize the public opinion,” he said.

Vigen Sargsyan underlined that “Armenia actually became an important platform for international struggle against genocide. He said genocide scholars suggest making the global forum “Against the Crime of Genocide” an annual event and ascribe a leading role to Armenia.

Sargsyan pointed to another important result – the national unity. Besides, he said, the political factor worked, as well. “We witnessed a wave of recognitions, which will be continuous. We managed to keep Yerevan at the spotlight of international attention,” he said.

Vigen Sargsyan said the centennial events will continue throughout the year inside and outside Armenia. The five-language website dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide ( will also continue to work intensively.

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